What happens to our charitable giving ?

In addition to the many social activities experienced by members, Freemasons raise considerable funds for charity and provide millions of pounds to national and international charitable causes in addition to helping their own members in time of need.

The Grand Charity is second only to the National Lottery in terms of monetary donations to worthy causes which include, amongst others, Medical Research, Disaster Relief, Hospice Grants and Youth Opportunities.

As a recent illustration of this the Masonic Charitable Foundation donated £50,000 in October 2016 to the Red Cross following the devastation caused by Hurricane Mathew.

Euxton Lodge is no exception and regularly raises some £2000 - £2500 annually and in our year ending 30th September 2016 made the following donations:-

St. Catherine's Hospice £250

Rosemere Cancer Foundation £250

Royal National Lifeboat Institution £250

Leyland Masonic Hall Appeal Fund £910

West Lancashire Freemasons Charity £550

( This latter Charity distributes it’s funds to both Freemasons in need and good causes in the community within the Province of West Lancashire )